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Welcome to SOUL PRIDE, an online retreat-festival from 5th July – 12th July 2020.

Soul Pride was meant to take place at Wasing Woodland, in a beautiful estate in Berkshire between 9th July – 12th July. A glorious weekend retreat-festival, with a programme of wellbeing talks, health & wellness workshops, and joyous gatherings, uniting the LGBTQIA community, together with all allies, for a celebratory Pride of healing and nurturing of our mind, body and soul.

As we are currently unable to meet in person we are bringing our full programme online so we can still maintain our service to the community with this special line up of LGBTQIA practitioners - providing a platform for anyone to tune in at any time and join a class, workshop, talk or show, that resonates with them.

It has been a crazy ride of late for us all. But we believe a huge amount of great work has been done, individually and collectively, in many areas and groups, as we humans try to get a grip on how best we can thrive and not just survive during this time. Taking lessons from the pause, the gift of stillness and reflection and reboot like we have never done before.

And out of the reboot we have seen what we need to change, not only for ourselves but the human race in its entirety. How we have treated one another, how we have treated Mother Earth, but more importantly, how we have treated ourselves. Life as we knew it has never seemed so fragile.

However, out of the ashes has come a surge of action and space to own our LGBTQIA stripes, badges and wings with full force whilst having the armour to do so. It is time to fully integrate our colourfulness and all our gifts and superpowers into the wider tribe of the human race on Earth.

We know, that the more work we do on ourselves the more we will rise out of our caged emotions. Meditation, mental health training, yoga and physical exercise, spiritual exploration, great nutritious food and feeling like we belong to a tribe, really belonging, the more we start to feel ourselves again. Returning to who we really are meant to be, without the voices in our heads that come from childhood (and adult) memories of people who see us differently, quashing our light before it has even beamed.

One of our main aims is to raise money and awareness for The Albert Kennedy Trust and Kaleidoscope International, two charities so dear to our hearts and who really need a helping hand right now, so we are so happy to support them. All donations for this non-ticketed event will go to these charities via our just giving pages.

Wonderment Group have been setting up wellbeing events, retreats, talks and classes for two years now, and as soon as lockdown began, we felt compelled to serve the tribe with online sessions to help support their wellbeing needs through isolation. They have been so successful and had a far reach with thousands of people joining us online for one of our 4 weekly events.

We are so honoured and excited to be working alongside some of the world’s leading LGBTQIA warriors of wellbeing and can’t wait to launch our week of Soul Pride so everyone can experience the magical programme we have created.

Let us ALL have pride in our soul.

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