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By buying a ticket to attend Soul Pride you agree to:

  • Only come if you are feeling healthy and well, and have not been experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19

  • Only come if you do not have someone vulnerable in your household or social bubble (the group of people with whom you have close physical contact)

  • Only come if you do not have someone who is isolating in your household or social bubble

  • Allow your contact details to be held by Wonderment for 21 days for the purpose of COVID-19 Track and Trace

  • If there is any breach of the above terms and conditions, Wonderment Group Ltd reserves the right to ask you to leave the sit

General Information for Soul Pride:

  • We will eat all meals together, using disposable eco sustainable bamboo plates and cutlery, which will be recycled and composted directly after each meal. A percentage of our profits will go directly to an allocated bamboo forest in Malaysia after the event.

  • There will be a safe system in place for all meal times, which will include coming up in small groups to receive food from our catering team and handed to us individually. The dining tables will be set out for people to eat in the bubbles, with the 1m distance in mind.

  • The latest research suggests that transmission of COVID-19 can be airborne which is why the Government has provided social distancing guidelines. This means that you are advised to be 1m+ apart from other people throughout the event (aside from those in your social bubble).

  • When you arrive on site and meet our Soul Pride angels at the Welcome desk, your temperature will be taken.

  • We will have electronic payment systems on site to avoid the need for passing money and we encourage card payments where possible.

  • Please ensure that you are at least 2m in every direction away from any other tent or live-in vehicle. If in doubt please ask the campsite stewards.

  • We are required to hold your contact data for 21 days for the purposes of the Government Track and Trace team being able to isolate any outbreak. All data will be held within GDPR and Government guidelines. If you are contacted by the Track and Trace team, you may be asked who you spent time with during the event, so please bear that in mind during the festival.

  • There will be an abundance of hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities.

  • We cannot admit anyone who is high risk to the event. For the definition of high risk please go to:

  • If you live with someone who is high risk we recommend that you don’t come to the event.

  • Please do not come to the event if you are feeling ill. We recommend that you get a COVID-19 test immediately instead.

  • COVID-19 is a highly transmissible illness, please don’t risk bringing it to the event if someone close to you, in your household, or who you have spent time with has symptoms.

  • We will not be taking tests on entry, but will have a medical team on site to check your temperature should you feel you need it. We reserve the right to ask people to have a COVID-19 test should we deem it necessary.

  • Please try not to come by public transport. It will be much better if you drive or cycle. If you do need to take public transport please ensure social distancing and wear a face mask.

  • We are advising, if possible, that all attendees should isolate within their household and/or bubble in the week before the event. We also advise that you isolate for three days after the event. If you feel ill during this period please contact 111 as soon as possible, and ask to have your contact details passed on to the Track and Trace team.

  • Please contact our Soul Pride Angels ASAP, and if you have COVID-19 symptoms you will be taken to the isolation/quarantine area where you will be treated by the Medical Team. If urgent medical support is required you will be taken to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

  • There will be plenty of space to dance, but please social distance with those not in your social bubble.

  • Any adult with children is responsible for their own children including ensuring adequate social distancing and that they regularly wash their hands.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding Wonderment's COVID-19 measures, please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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