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Alex Jupiter

He/She/Them - ARTIST

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Jupiter is an expressive and emotive vocalist from Manchester. His influences include Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke and a blend of classic Soul/Motown singers. With a keen interest in music production, he creates some of his own instrumentals and has recently started composing music for soundtracks. Over the years he’s performed in musicals, with live bands and many online cabarets during the lockdowns. Look out for him performing a stirring selection of covers and interpretations of classic songs at various points throughout the festival.

Alexis Corey

She/Her - ARTIST

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Alexis Corey is a dynamic and powerful vocalist, songwriter, musical alchemist and coach from New York City. She currently resides in London and travels the world and country sharing her music as well as hope and awareness to others who have shared suffering from addiction and mental health issues. 

She has performed music professionally since early childhood, however, at a young age experienced extreme life altering events which caused her to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with life. This led her to a profound spiritual awakening that she now shares with others in hopes to inspire them to seek the Power within.  

After years of battling with addiction and mental health issues, Alexis is now able to live her dream of being a traveling artist and helps inspire others to do the same. She creates music, performs regularly with her band, songwrites and advocates for women and men who suffer from mental health issues as well as domestic violence. In addition to her own musical craft, she also leads other women and men in a movement she calls "The Renaissance". The purpose of this movement is to capture their own essence, creative genius and gifts in order to build successful and abundant lives and businesses around their creativity. She does so through energetic clearing, activation, tantra as well as structural empowerment and mindset work to address what is alive for each individual during their work together. 

What inspires her music today is the healing of her own soul and transmitting the same healing, joy and pure entertainment to other human beings. She is now in the business of creating healing through musical entertainment to transform the hearts and minds of others. The idea that we may transform and live a purposeful, meaningful and impactful life by design, which by default impacts the lives of others, is what drives her to create and evolve. It is pure alchemy. She is able to best share this through the gift of music and songwriting and the Renaissance movement she has created. 
She wants people to connect with their souls through music and know they are not alone. She desires human beings to connect to each other across all different genders, races, sexual preferences, backgrounds, statuses and any other imaginary labels we as a collective humanity have created. The true purpose of music and healing is to foster connection and community to enable all to lead a joyous life filled with abundance and happiness.

Alexis provides an experience of the present moment that is not to be forgotten, warms your heart and inspires you to believe in yourself and the possibilities that are limitless always within your reach! 

Alexis Gregory


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Alexis Gregory is a playwright, performer, director and producer whose work explores LGBT themes. He will be performing a section from his critically acclaimed solo verbatim theatre piece on queer activism across the decades, 'Riot Act'. 'Riot Act' has previously been performed in the West End (Duchess Theatre) and on two UK tours. He's performed 'pop-up' versions at venues as varied as Soho House, Heaven Nightclub, the National Theatre's Riverside Stage and at the Science Museum.

'Riot Act' reviews include:

‘Riot Act is at once frank, warm and uninhibited…a forceful reminder of the importance of knowing your history’. Evening Standard
‘This stand-out piece of theatre will become part of LGBT cultural heritage…a career defining performance’. Attitude Magazine
‘The most moving pieces of new queer writing in London’. The Spy in the Stalls

Alexis' other plays include 'Sex/Crime' (two sell out runs; Soho Theatre / The Glory), 'Safe' on LGBTQ+ youth homelessness (Soho Theatre, London Theatre Workshop, Reading Rep and self-directed; Norwich Theatre Royal and a special online version for Hackney Empire) and 'Slap' (Theatre Royal Stratford East, and Channel 4's first ever onsite theatre presentation). 

His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

Christopher Hall


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Chris comes from a dance background, training professionally in Musical Theatre and graduating in 212. He has performed in musicals in the UK and abroad, as well as branching out into choreography, working on musicals, television and most recently with Jane McDonald on her arena tour and television series. 5 years ago he started developing his career in fitness, training at London’s premiere barre studio, and later diversifying into spin and strength classes, teaching across London in a number of boutique studios. He now is part of an online Barre studio set up during Lockdown and teaches Ride at 1Rebel, along side his choreography. 

Damian Nola


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For over twenty years Damian has supported people all over the world to connect with the transformative power of love. Drawing on a rich experience of the world’s wisdom traditions, energy medicine, and body-based psychotherapeutic practice, the work he offers serves to clear the root of self-sabotaging repetitive cycles of behaviour, dis-ease, stress, tension and contraction, transforming consciousness and freeing the natural flow of life-force energy, leading to greater health, vibrancy, passion, creativity, intimacy and connection, a kind of radical aliveness and capacity to show up with integrity and purpose.

Dandelion Challis


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I am a creative and intuitive performer and an animist menagerie. I will be helping to enhance the natural beauty of Soulpride with my dreamcatchers and décor whilst also Angel-ing as well as performing and offering fun workshops. From questions of ‘where is the main glade? 'How do I cleanse my crystals?' to 'do you have any glitter?’- I’m your guy. I am an indiscreet shapeshifting queer creature of undecidedly incarnate energy, come and dance with me.   

Dani St James


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Dani St James is a model, influencer and the founder of Not A Phase, a registered UK charity set up to benefit the lives of trans adults across the UK. Through workplace support, community projects and resource distribution, Not A Phase champions the development of independence for the wider community and supports businesses in the diversification of their workforces. Not a Phase is currently working towards opening regular safe spaces across the UK throughout the duration of 2021.

Alongside Dani's professional life, she is a committee member in Narcotics Anonymous, she champions sobriety and recovery and is a representative for onboarding newcomers to those looking for help in addiction recovery. 

Darren James

He/She/Them - DJ

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Darren James' infectious energy, natural showmanship and impeccable music taste have brought the house down and got parties going all over the globe. His music taste and knowledge are vast & eclectic, enabling him to tailor each setlist to the crown and venue. 

Spanning through the eras, he is able to play everything from Disco, House, Techno, Gypsy/Electro Swing, Funk, Soul & More. 

Darren is often flown across the globe by people and brands to see him perform. Why? Because he has a unique set of skills of combining a sure hit party setlist with a vibrant live performance. Having spent many years touring the world as a professional dancer, Darren knows how to ensure people have the party of a lifetime. 

It's the reason well-known faces such as Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Grace Jones, Noel Fielding, Little Mix,  and Danny Dyer (a few of his personal favourites!) have flocked to see him at his long standing (10 years) resident night at Archer Street (voted best bar in London). 

Having played everything from exclusive events such as the Broadcast Awards, Queens Diamond Jubilee Flotilla, Brighton Rock Film Premiere to international festivals such as Burning Man, Mistress Mary, Nowhere & Wilderness and of course private parties at places such as Annabels, Soho House, Kensington Roof Gardens, Groucho Club and Cafe de Paris to being resident DJ at international rave MorningGloryville Darren has honed his inimitable skill for getting every single person in the crowd upon their feet and having the time of their lives. Hig night disco blouse with a residency at the ministry members club has been holding space for joy since its inception in the warehouses of East London and has since popped up at festivals, clubs, woodland raves alike, fusing Studio 54 glamour with East London cool. 

Dirish Shaktidas


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Dirish is a London based yoga teacher immersed in the world of holistic healing. Internationally trained by world renowned teachers he has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years.

Having grown up within a Hindu household with sacred mantras, Dirish combines his deep knowledge of movement, mindful meditation and sound. With his unique blend of Shakti Dance, Yin Yoga and Eastern Philosophy he creates an inspiring, dynamic and elevating setting.

Emma Shoesmith


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Emma is a medicine keeper, creative alchemist and energy intuitive. She offers healing guidance and mentoring for soul lead leaders, healers and nonconformists in search of truth, wisdom and freedom of expression. 

She is deeply connected to the healing powers of nature and intuitive shamanic practices, a true devotee of her personal inner exploration and outer expansion. She holds a Reiki 2 certificate and 200hr YTT with the Practicers of Freedom and Wellbeing and is a certified Indian Head Massage therapist. 

Emma is native to the British Isles and is deeply connected to Celtic wisdom traditions as well as Andean shamanic medicine practices. She is a Mesa carrier working with the Rainbow lineage and training with Puma Quispe Singona in Peru. Notes of these esoteric teachings can be seen in her ceremonies and one to one sessions.

Emma is on a mission to empower and educate her people to confidently weave their own unique brand of magic into the world through healing arts workshops, courses, seminars and her Soul Leadership Mentoring Program.

Esme Benjamin


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Strength & Spiral - Embodied low impact movement influenced by pilates and dance flow, focusing on the joy of moving. 

Working with the body’s natural rhythms and motions to strengthen, release tension and improve movement quality. A sustained flow is maintained throughout with a focus towards bodily awareness and honouring the uniqueness of each individual body. 



Relax & Renew - Gentle movement sequences combined with stretching and lengthening to ground and encourage ease and freedom of movement. 

Exploring movement, stillness and breath to release tension in the muscles, increase blood flow and take some time out to nourish. 

Felix Paterson


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See that colourful burst of elemental energy bounding around the festival or hanging out of a tree? Yep, that’s me! I’m here to elevate your experience at Soul Pride with my Angelic wings, acting as one of your guides to this wondrous escape from the outside world. Hit me with your questions, cry on my shoulder after a profound workshop, or just skip through the forests with me. Be sure to catch my aerial hoop performance and join me for a fantastic mermaid swimming workshop!

Florence Maunders

She/Her - TAROT

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Florence Anna Maunders (she/her) is an experienced reader, specialising in modern cartomancy and traditional (Rider Waite) tarot readings. She subscribes to the school of thought which holds that our subconscious thoughts already contain the answers and solutions to life's mysteries, and that the symbolic imagery of the major and minor arcana can be utilised to bypass the noise of the upper brain, and tap directly into our lived experiences. She offers a complete cartomantic experience, centered on the reading and interpretation of a spread of cards, but also including a traditional invocation to the elements and a guided meditation on the meaning of the truths revealed. Flori is also a musician, a teacher and a practitioner of yoga.



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Ganesha is a Brazilian London-based artist and Family Constellation Therapist working in the UK and Brazil, facilitating group workshops as well as one-to-one sessions face to face and online. He’s a spiritual seeker devoted to Love, Truth and Understanding, and passionate about spirituality, self-enquiry meditation and community living.

Gary Albert


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Gary Albert, The Music Alchemist, creates live, spontaneous, mostly improvised performances that bewitch audiences and leaves them spellbound with the ultimate aim of bringing the listener into deeper truth.

The mesmerising melodies, hypnotic harmonies and enthralling performance style of Music Alchemy captivates the listener and whisks them away on magical journeys of deep emotion and contemplative feeling.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Gary hops, skips and jumps from fluttering flutes, pulsing pianos and velvet vocals to electronics elements such as live looping and otherworldly FX. Together, they work exquisitely to create compelling and riveting live music experiences.

Meandering through classical, jazz, minimalism and electronic styles, Gary never fails to engage and engross through his enchanting and spectacular performances whether they’re recorded, streamed online or live and in person at concerts, retreats and festivals.

This is music that truly transports and transforms.


Gerard Kite


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Gerad Kite is an Acupuncture Master (Ac.M) with 30 years clinical experience. He is a recognized leader in the field of infertility, an author of two (health related) books and is an internationally respected practitioner and teacher of Five-Element Acupuncture.

In 1993 he started the first ever NHS acupuncture service in the UK based at Kings College Hospital (London) predominantly working with patients with AIDS and terminal illnesses. He also ran a successful private practice on London’s Harley Street where he gained his reputation as the “Daddy of all Fertility Experts”. In 2006 he opened Kite Clinic where he led a team of 12 practitioners performing over 10,000 treatments a year and in 2007 he founded the London Institute of Five-Element Acupuncture (LIFEA) where he personally trains his current team of practitioners and new apprentices.

2011 saw the opening of his Wimpole Street practice where he currently practices and teaches. In 2016 his first two books (‘Everything You Need You Have’ and ‘The Art of Baby-Making’ were published by Short Books and his third is to be published in 2020.

Jill Watson

She/Her - YOGA

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Jill always weaves her magic with music, mantra and yoga moves, leaving us with a feeling of being wholeness and nurture. This month she prepares us for the upcoming steps to being back around people by finding our own strong centre.

An energetic but gently guided flow yoga class to invigorate the body with all the usual inspired tricks Jill gives us from poetry to card pulls, a great way to really bring balance to our system.

Jude Elliott

She/Her - ARTIST

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Jude has been professionally singing at weddings for well over a decade. Her experience, professionalism, talent and vast repertoire; set her apart from most singers, and she prides herself in personally getting to know every couple who book her.

Based in Ibiza since 2004 she became one of the Islands favourite resident singers and although she now lives back in the UK (after also falling in love and moving in with her partner) She keeps a very close tie with the island and travels out a number of times each month for all her island based gigs and work (she also runs a costume company sideline on the island, The Costume Studio)

Technically and vocally Jude is one of the finest singers, She has a huge range (she was classically trained from childhood) and has a powerful belt as well as a soft breathy high tone which delivers a touching soulful feeling to both romantic pop songs and dance floor classics

She began her training aged 11, with acclaimed Vocal Coach Jo Dwyer; and between 14-17 she trained as an external student with the London College of Music receiving her grade 8 and finally the ALCM Diploma.

After A-Level Music, she then continued on to Manchester Metropolitan University and received Joint Honours Bachelors Degree in Music and Drama.
She has been professionally singing since finishing her Degree and has performed at many incredible and prestigious Weddings and Events, Including performing for Royalty and many Celebrities.

Junior Valentine


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Junior is a proud south London native born and bred with a background in performing. His mission is to connect with as many souls as he can and he offers any healing and support through various mediums whether that be, sound, yoga, massage and energy healing work. Healing lands in the responsibility of our own lap, and working through these mediums to help bring forth change, growth and the breaking of cycles, It doesn’t mean it will be easy! But I know deep down it’s worth it, and knowledge of how should be shared everyone. 

Kyle Anderson


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This born and bred Irish man has been moving and grooving all his life, falling in love with theatre, dance and drama from age 9, he started to build on his craft and attend various performing arts trainings, workshops and then eventually hopped over the sea to train in London. 

After spending 3 years at dance school, working with various artists/companies such as The BBC, SONY and X factor artists (as well as a brief moment being in boy band), he felt something was missing so through his movement journey into Yoga and spirituality he found more of himself that was waiting to be discovered, this led to him training in over 600 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings.

 Diving further into his own connection to the universe; the world of Astrology was calling (but really it was there the whole time), and Kyle invested many long months, in fact over a year in total studying and training in Astrology in depth! “Connecting to the cosmos literally changed my life and my perspective of it!”


Kyle now successfully runs a Yoga and massages business, is a Yoga Teacher trainer and a full time astrologer. Using the gifts of the stars to help his clients heal, rejuvenate and revitalise themselves. In his  eyes Astrology is like becoming your own therapist, the results are very real! 

Liam Parsons


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Fitness Trainer

🚲 RIDE & STRENGTH @psyclelondon
🏋🏼‍♂️ COACH @thirdspacelondon @f45_brixton
🎙 ONE OF THE POOFS @4poofs



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Loussin-Torah Pilikian is a talented actress, poet and yoga practitioner based in North West London. Taking to the virtual stage during the 2020-21 lockdown, Loussin-Torah's most recent work includes If You Go Down to the Great North Wood Today - a poem written and performed for London WildLife Trust's Great North Wood Festival. Appearing in the role of Flo Romano in Money presented online by Southwark Playhouse, commissioned by represent. theatre. Loussin-Torah is passionate about using the arts as expressive healing tools for good health and wellbeing. Loussin-Torah is the founder of Speak Easy; a fearless community of sensational storytellers and powerful artists, where she helps people gain social and emotional confidence through poetry, movement and performance. Taking on one-to-one clients in her monthly Character Werk programmes, she has observed the powerful and holistic healing effects that artistic expression can bring to the individuals and groups that she works with and is overjoyed to extend this magical work to a second year at Soul Pride. 

Lukas Bozik


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In my practice I combine techniques of Deep tissue, Swedish, Stretch and Indian head massage to create an experience tailored to your needs.

Treatments oscillate between gentle, soothing, deeply relaxing, energizing, invigorating and firm, either as a full-body massage or focusing on a more specific ailment.

Afterwards I will guide you through a few stretches or subtle lifestyle tweaks to enhance the effect of the massage, but, first and foremost, to aid keeping your body rejuvenated & pain-free and your mind relaxed.

Matthew Williams


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Psychedelic Space Holder

Online Microdosing & Integration Therapy

Men’s Work 

Mzz Kimberley

She/Her - ARTIST

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Mzz Kimberley also known Kim Tatum is one of the UK’s most fashionable artists.

Kim’s first film role was the cult hit ‘Killer Tongue’ with award-winning visionary director Alberto Sciamma.  Additionally, she appeared in ‘Preaching to the Perverted’, a role first offered to Jerry Hall.

Kim’s was the supporting lead in the hit Web series, 'Spectrum London'.

Kim has become a regular in the new sitcom ‘The Finellis’ filmed in Berlin. 

Kim’s theatre credits include, ’The Maids, playing the Madam which toured in Russia, ‘The Las Vegas Story’ and ‘In the Flesh’, her first lead which toured Los Angeles and Sydney.  Also, the lead in “The Vampires of Sodom “, performed in New York, directed by childhood friend Daniel Both.

Kim played Zakia in ‘Trans Scripts’ which toured England, Joan in Rikki Beedle Blair’s production of Summer in London at the Stratford East theatre. ‘Dead and Breathing’ at the unity theatre in Liverpool and Albany theatre in London.

Kim joined Lloyd Daniels and Sam Redford as a supporting lead in a new musical, ‘Closet’s’, at the Hope Mill theatre in Manchester. 

During Covid Kim was lucky enough to have had kept working. She starred in the pod cast ‘Adventures In time and Gender’, playing Chevalier D’eon.  A cameo in ‘Chat Zone’, directed by Joe Withers and online play ‘Star Man’, directed by James Cole.

In 2021 Kim is set to star in 2 short films, ‘Child of Polycitus’ directed by Lauren Jones and ‘Still I Thrive’ directed by Campbell X.   Kim will also star in a pod cast, ‘In of The Line’, exploring the issues women face when deciding to have or not to have children. Kim also joined the cast of ‘Transpose’ an online concert with American trans artist this February. Kim will return to the cast of ‘Straight White Men’, opening at the Southwark Playhouse Theatre in 2021.

As a cabaret artist with a powerful voice and broad vocal range, she entertains her audiences with jazz, soul, musical theatre, and gospel.  Kim has performed in London’s supperclub, The Glory, The Ivy club, Shadow Lounge, The RVT, Club Wotever, L’Escargot restaurant, Home House, The Brompton Club, Shoreditch House, The Cellar Door, Arcola Theatre, Café De Paris, National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, and the Edinburgh festival.


Kim toured with Cyndi Lauper on the European ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ tour as a dancer.

Kim has sashayed for television’s ‘Project Catwalk’, presented by Kelly Osbourne and ‘Red or Dead’ during London’s fashion week.

Kim has appeared as a cover girl for publications such as ID, Boys, Prime, Cyberia, Update, QX, MAX, and the Sunday Times. She is featured also in articles for The Guardian, The Face, British Elle, Bizarre (The Sun), Fluid, Don’t Tell It, Space, Time Out, Women’s Own, Heat, Attitude, Evening Standard, GQ Magazine and Cosmopolitan on-line magazine.

Kim is featured in the national ad campaign for Tennent’s Super Ice. Television commercial credits, ‘Renault Cars’, ‘Dove Soap’ and ‘Euro Star’ trains.

Kim presented BMP - the late-night music show, Co-hosted ‘020’ – a ‘Time Out’ TV styled show with Gail Porter. Also ‘Night-Life for LWT, ‘Tranny of the Year’, co-hosting with Ruby Wax.

Kim is a regular on the main stage for London Gay Pride, judge for ‘Pride’s Got Talent’ and Gay Prides queer art show.

Kim is also the host for Brighton Gay Pride, Brighton Trans Pride and Hastings Gay Pride.

Kim was made patron of ‘CliniQ’ last year, a health service for the trans and non-binary community. Kim is also the ambassador for ParaPride, highlighting the queer disabled community and AIDS memorial UK.

Kim was just awarded the ‘10/10’ award at the House of Lords from The Naz Project, presented by Baroness Liz Barker in conjunction with HR Princess Tessy of Luxembourg.

Kim made the 2020 LGBT Power List at number 61

In 2020, Kim had the honour to be the first trans woman to present the first LGBT+ award for the ‘Black British Theatre Awards’ for Sky television.

Kim is the director and founder of Mzz Kimberley’s LIFE, highlighting trans performers.

Neil Seligman


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Neil Seligman is a leading International Mindfulness Expert, Author and Presenter. He is the Founder of The Conscious Professional and a pioneer of the Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership movement. He believes firmly in the possibility of finding conscious solutions to the challenges of our world by inspiring individuals and businesses to adopt conscious models and supporting them as they do the inner and outer work of transformation. Neil is the author of two books: Conscious Leadership and 100 Mindfulness Meditations and the originator of Soul Portrait Photography. In all of his work Neil is compelled by his two passions: witnessing the unfolding of human potential and the pursuit of excellence. 

Neo Heart


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Neo Heart is an alchemist and the creator of The Fembot Oracle. Using a range of practices and art alchemy technologies, he supports people to deepen their creativity,  by living more from heart. For Soul Pride, he will be offering 2 dynamic workshops to support us in exploring the sensual embodied deep intelligence of our hearts.

Nik Parmer


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Nik Parmar from Spiritual Gypsy is a creative workshop tutor. He conducts bespoke creative workshops based on sacred, traditional and historically grounded arts to with a focus on the arts and crafts heritage of the Vedic traditions.   

O Zotique

They/Them - DREAM YOGA

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This particular manifestation of consciousness (they/them/theirs) prefers the name Ocean or just O.They are a yogi, artist, and researcher whose work focuses on the nexus point of optimal human living and openness to creative flow processes as they manifest through a variety of modalities such as music, performance art, asana, energy-healing, and hypnotherapy.

O is a Usui Reiki Master and considers radiant vitality to be a goal for themself and their clients. They received a 200 hour training from Kripalu, 300 hour with Mary Irby of White Crow Yoga, and 1000hr with Be The Change Yogatherapy (in-progress). The latter two experiences of which are focused within the Desikachar lineage. 

O’s meditation teachers include Lama Kalsang Rinpoche and Bikshuni Thubten Chödron. As a dream-keeper, O has studied in Jungian and Tibetan schools with Carole IONE Lewis and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

By adjusting their body, mind, and soul, O believes one is able to exude a more elevated frequency and live into higher timelines of reality. Yoga has been a part of O’s reality since childhood, but more seriously after beginning their Saturn Return astrological journey and gender related transitions. 

Rob King


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Rob King is a singer from Manchester, where he has established himself as a firm favourite at cabaret venues across its world-famous Gay Village. As well as appearing on BBC One’s All Together Now and reaching the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, Rob has long been a regular fixture at Pride events across the country and can’t wait to make his debut at this year’s Soul Pride. 

Ruby Murray

She/Her - ARTIST

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Ruby Murry as seen on Britains Got Talent 2016 is a comedian and classic vocalist, hostess and all round performer!

Simon Blake


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Simon Blake OBE joined MHFA England as Chief Executive in October 2018, leading the organisation to achieve its vision of normalising society’s attitudes and behaviours around mental health, through training one in ten of the population in mental health skills and awareness.  He is Vice Chair of Stonewall, the UK’s leading LGBT Charity and a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute.  He was recognised as a 2020 Global Diversity Leader.  He is a writer, campaigner, trainer and was awarded an OBE for services to the voluntary sector and young people in 2011. He enjoys running, equestrian eventing and walks with his dog.

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