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A week of very special and sacred events designed to EMPOWER both our divine feminine and masculine with the means to enhance our own lives and the lives of everyone around us.

An environment for the LGBTQIA+ community to connect and EMBRACE the tribe along side our allies; undivided, in a safe environment on line.

A space to ENGAGE in talks and discussions about the worldwide picture, looking to positively integrate our LGBTQIA+ mastery into global human consciousness for the greater good.

An opportunity to open our hearts, in order to EMBODY our true being, our true essence and our true potential.

A retreat experience to ENRICH our mind, body and soul with nutrition advice, yoga, divine healing and exercise, peppered with immersive moments of joy, laughter and love.

A platform for LGBTQIA+ practitioners, teachers and healers a space to ENLIGHTEN us with their wisdom. 

A chance to celebrate and ENJOY each others talents in comedy, circus, art, dance, music and more….

A moment to ENCOURAGE the community to support each other are than ever to be compassionate to our individual journeys whilst recognise we are all on the same path of ultimate acceptance of ourselves and the world around us.

We are a community for a community where we can share skills and superpowers that ENCOMPASS all the life lessons and experience that made us who we are today.

An opportunity to meet and ENCOUNTER like minded individuals to connect with and to be able to creatively collaborate with.

The weekend will restore our faith in ourselves as the power houses we are and our ENHANCE the birth right of self love.

A safe space where we can dip in and out of the carefully curated programme joining which ever session resonates with you – our classes are designed to heal, educate, inspire and ENTERTAIN.

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